C-Mag Vari-9, 9 Tesla Magnet System with Helium-3 Insert

C-Mag Vari-9, 9 Tesla Cryogen-FREE superconducting magnet system with Helium-3 insert. A single pulse tube cryocooler is used to conductively cool the magnet and cryostat as well as cooling a secondary closed loop helium circuit used for controlling the temperature at the insert.

Customer Location: China

  • 9 Tesla Superconducting Magnet.
  • Helium-3 Insert.
    • <350 mK Base Temperature (Range: Base to 1.5K)
    • >24 Hour Hold Time at Base Temperature
    • 32mm ID Sample Mount Diameter
    • Experimental Access, Quick Connect IVC with Tapered N-grease Seal
    • 12 Twisted Pair (24 wire) Beryllium Copper Experimental Wires
  • Standard Sample Rod
    • 49mm ID, <1.6K-325K Sample space.
    • 12 Twisted Pair (24 wire) Copper Experimental Wires
  • Single, Sumitomo Pulse Tube Cryocooler.

Delivered: August, 2018