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C-Mag Cryogen-FREE Superconducting Magnet System

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Cryomagnetics’ C-Mag Cryogen-FREE magnet systems are versatile property measurement systems that provide the researcher with exceptional range, versatility, accuracy, and automation in materials characterization.

Based on the latest cryocooler refrigeration technology, the systems are very easy to set up, operate and maintain.

Accurate control of sample temperature from <1.6K to 325K is provided with simultaneous control of applied magnetic field.

C-Mag Vari-9

  • 4.2K Cryocooler Based
    A choice of Pulse Tube or Gifford McMahon configurations eliminate liquid cryogens for the superconducting magnet and are used to condense a small volume of LHe for sample cooling from a closed volume of gas.  This allows sample-in-vapor operation from <1.6K-325K in continuous flow operation.
  • Turn-Key System
    Superconducting magnet, 4.2K cryocooler system, superconducting magnet power supply, temperature controller, thermometry, and available Cryomagnetics’ exclusive NAVIGATOR™ system control software.
  • Ease of Use
    Simple sample exchange process allows user to change samples without warming magnet or cryocooler.
  • Ultra-Low Vibration Options
    Mechanically decoupled platform available, featuring pneumatically dampened supports, ideal for AFM or other vibration sensitive measurements.
  • Flexible Configurations
    Up to 10T split pair or 14T solenoid standard configurations.
  • 49 mm Sample Space
    Gold-plated, rotatable sample positioner.
  • Automated or Manual Gas Handling Systems Available
    Closed loop operation of gaseous helium only for temperature control
  • Upgrade paths to He3 and dilution refrigerator inserts

Standard Configurations Available


Solenoids Split Pair 2-Axis 3-Axis
Vari-9 (9T) Vari-7S (7T) Vari-7/2 Vari-1/1/1
Vari-12 (12T)   Vari-8/2 Vari-5/1/1
Vari-14 (14T)   Vari-9/1 Vari-7/1/1

Download the C-Mag Brochure

Example 9T C-Mag Superconducting Magnet System Configuration
Use this example to help define your specific needs…

Q080623A1.idwC-Mag Vari-9 Research System

Cryomagnetics’ C-Mag Vari-9 variable temperature magnetic properties research system provides the scientist with exceptional range, versatility, and accuracy in materials characterization. Based on the latest pulse tube cryocooler refrigeration technology, the system is very easy to set up, operate and maintain.

The integrated variable temperature insert controls sample temperature from < 1.6K to 300K. Simultaneous control of applied magnetic field is up to ±9.0 Tesla – all without the need for any liquid cryogens and using a single cryocooler.

The following is an overview of the features and capabilities of the system.

Cryostat / Cryocooler:

Painted aluminum cryostat compatible with the 9T solenoid superconducting magnet.
Cryomech model PT-410 ultra-low vibration pulse tube refrigerator with water-cooled compressor for cooling of magnet and user samples.
One PT-100 temperature sensor installed on system’s thermal radiation shield and one ruthenium-oxide temperature sensor installed on the superconducting magnet to monitor system refrigeration status.
A safety pressure relief valve is installed on the system vacuum chamber.
Integral to the cryostat is a pot containing liquid helium recondensed from the closed loop VTI gas system.

Variable Temperature Insert:

A top-loading VTI is integrated into the cryostat/cryocooler assembly for user access to the high field region of the magnet.
This is a closed-loop system. Helium gas from the VTI is captured and later recondensed.
The VTI is a “sample-in-vapor” type and allows control of sample temperature from <1.6K – 325K in continuous mode.
The sample tube has a nominal 2-inch diameter, giving the user a ~49mm diameter inside working space.
A sliding seal is used for sample changes.
A rotatable, gold-plated sample mount with calibrated (1.4K-325K) Cernox temperature sensor and bifilar wound heater is provided.
(2) 19-pin connectors are installed on the sample mount.
The vaporizer of the variable temperature insert is also be fitted with a calibrated Cernox temperature sensor and heater.

Vacuum pumping station:

The system will be equipped with a pumping station comprised of an appropriate vacuum pump to capture the VTI’s off-gas, all necessary valves and vacuum-plumbing.

Superconducting Magnet:

9 Tesla maximum rated central field.
± 0.1% field homogeneity over a 10 mm diameter spherical volume.
Fully protected against damage due to accidental quench.
Integrated HTS (BSCCO-2212) magnet current leads.

Optional Cryomagnetics Navigator™ Software Control System

Navigator™ is a software package that allows complete automation of the superconducting magnet system control electronics.
The release provided with this system contains basic control and feedback of the quoted electronics (routine sample measurements).
Future releases will include specific control and automation functions for Hall bar, resistivity, and specific heat measurement.

Cryocon Model 22C Temperature Controller

Two multipurpose input channels
Four control loops:
Loop #1: 50-Watt, three range,
Loop #2: 25-Watt two range,
Loops #3 and #4: non-powered.
Large, bright and highly configurable display.
Synchronous input filter improves control accuracy and stability in cryocooler based systems.
Two 10 Ampere dry-contact relay outputs.
Data logging to internal Non-Volatile memory.
Fail-safe cryostat protection features protect user equipment from damage.
Table mode control automatically switches the loop input sensor to allow smooth, continuous control over a wide range of temperature.
Flexible remote interfaces include 100/10 Ethernet, IEEE-488.2(GPIB) and USB.
National Instruments, Inc. LabVIEW™ drivers are available for all interfaces.

Model TM-612 and 614 Temperature Monitor

Used to monitor temperature of the superconducting magnet.
2-Channel display to simultaneously monitor both temperature sensors contained within the system.
Bright, two line vacuum fluorescent display.
RS-232 computer interface.
IEEE-488.2 computer interface.
Capability to store custom curves.
Temperature displayed in Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit, or expressed as a resistance.
Audible alarm (can be silenced).
Control output with high and low setpoints.
Simple keypad with good tactile response.
LabVIEW® drivers available at no extra charge.
See photo and further description at www.cryomagnetics.com/tm-600.htm.

Model 4G-100 Integrated Superconducting Magnet Power System

The Model 4G-100 is a single output model with output current up to ± 100 amperes at 800 watts (± 10 volts up to 80 amperes, ± 8 volts at 100 amperes).
4-quadrant, true bipolar systems featuring smooth sweeps through zero.
Automatic quench detection and protection.
A full color, backlit TFT liquid crystal display clearly indicates output current, voltage, limit settings, and system status.
Current settability of 0.1 milliamps
Five (5) programmable sweep rate ranges.
Persistent switch heater power supply.
15 foot length output cables.
USB, IEEE-488.2, and Ethernet computer interfaces standard.
Safety interlocks for persistent switch enable/disable and changing of important magnet parameters and limits.
Visual confirmation of current present in leads will alert users to be mindful of safety when operating the power supply, even if line power is off.

Electronics Cabinet

All quoted electronic instruments will be housed in a pre-wired console.


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