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Ultra-Low Current Superconducting Magnet

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Ultra-Low Current Superconducting Magnets

Superconducting Magnet Ultra Low CurrentCryomagnetics has developed and manufactured many ultra-low current superconducting magnets using patented processes.

At left is a picture of a 2T @ 2A superconducting magnet. This magnet was launched into space in July of 2005. http://suzaku.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/astroe/aehp_about.html

Many of these superconducting magnets are used in ADR applications. These magnets are perfectly suited for applications where the magnet is installed in a vacuum.

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Example Central Field Intensity Operating Current Clear Bore Diameter
1 3.0T (4.2K) 6.0 amperes 1.80 inches
2 5.0T (4.2K) 4.5 amperes 1.75 inches
3 2.0T (4.2K) 2.0 amperes 2.00 inches
4 3.0T (4.2K) 6.0 amperes 1.18 inches
5 2.3T (4.2K) 1.5 amperes 1.00 inches


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