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Custom and OEM Superconducting Magnet Systems

Pricing and Accessories

Magnet Systems and Sub-assemblies for Gyrotron, NMR, ICR, SQUID, VSM, Faraday Balance, Microscope, Mossbauer, Magnetic Separation

Since the formation of our company in 1983, Cryomagnetics’ products have been integrated into many different manufacturer’s systems. What lies beneath the hood of your system? There’s a good chance there is a Cryomagnetics magnet, cryostat, electronics or other product. As an OEM supplier we work closely to provide custom products designed by our team or as build to print projects.

We can work with you to optimize a superconducting magnet, dewar, cryogenic accessory, or related cryogenic instrumentation product for your application.

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To help define your requirement, please refer to the following list of options:

Superconducting Magnet

Field Strength: Up to 19T for solenoids, 10T for split-pairs
Configuration: Standard Solenoid, High Field Solenoid, Split Pair, Multi-Axis
Homogeneity: Usually defined as a percentage change over a 10mm diameter spherical volume. But can be defined over larger volumes and up to NMR quality.
Cold Bore Diameter:
Any size restrictions?


Top-Loading Bucket
Bottom-Loading Bucket (usually for large diameter superconducting magnets)
Room Temperature Bore
Integrated Variable Temperature Insert

Sample Options

None: Customer to provide VTI or other insert
Room temperature bore access
Variable Temperature 1.5K-300K: Top-loading or optical
Helium3 to 300mK
Dilution to 10mK

Cryogenic Accessories

Magnet Support Assemblies
Liquid Helium Level Sensors
Liquid Nitrogen Level Sensors
Temperature Sensors
Hall Effect Sensors and Probes
Vapor-Cooled Current Leads
Duty-Cycle Optimized Current Leads
Liquid Helium Transfer Lines

Electronic Instrumentation

Model LM-510 Liquid Cryogen Level Monitor
Model TM-612, 614 Cryogenic Temperature Monitor
Model GM-700 Hall Effect Gaussmeter
Model 4G Superconducting Magnet Power Supplies


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