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Pricing and Accessories

LHe Superconducting Magnet Horizontal RTB

Cryomagnetics’ 12.0T Actively-Shielded Superconducting Magnet System for ICR

Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry involves the measurement of ion resonance in a stable magnetic field. Cryomagnetics’ specialty is optimizing the superconducting magnet system for ICR spectrometers.

As an OEM manufacturer of superconducting magnets for ICR, Cryomagnetics’ innovations over the past years in 4.7, 7.0, 9.4, and 12 Tesla systems has helped redefine ICR research and measurement.

Cryomagnetics’ unique cryostat design allows the system to be shipped cold – even across the world. Setup time for OEM manufacturers is now measured in hours, not days.

While manufacturing a system sturdy enough to be shipped worldwide cold is challenging enough, making it low-loss is even a greater challenge. Cryomagnetics low-loss systems capable of cold-shipping require LHe refills on the order of 60 days. Larger capacity systems are available that can extend the refill time even further.

Low-vibration 4.2K pulse tube refrigerators can be incorporated into the system to reduce or stop LHe consumption. Completely cryogen-free systems have been delivered. Consult the factory for details.

The majority of systems delivered today are actively-shielded. An actively-shielded superconducting magnet has another superconducting coil that intercepts stray fields generated by the main coils. The 10-gauss line is contained largely within the cryostat itself.

Traditionally shielded systems use passive materials such as iron to reduce stray fields. These systems can weigh 10 tons or more – creating siting problems. The compact Cryomagnetics’ actively-shielded 4.7T and 7.0T systems weigh less than 1000 pounds. The actively-shielded 9.4T system weighs approximately 3,300 pounds.

LHe Superconducting Magnet ICR

Cryomagnetics’ 9.4T (left) and 7.0T Actively-Shielded Superconducting Magnet Systems for ICR

As always, suggestions on siting requirements, specific installation questions, system operation questions, etc. are readily and professionally answered.

Custom applications are quoted by request. Contact us with your specifications.

Example 12T ICR Superconducting Magnet System for a Thermo LTQ-FT Kit
Use this example to help define your specific needs…

12T FTICR The offered system is comprised of a high performance, liquid helium-cooled, actively-shielded 12 Tesla superconducting magnet with a horizontal room temperature bore.

The magnet is housed within an ultra low-loss cryostat that uses an LN2-cooled intermediate thermal shield to minimize LHe boil-off.

The system is shielded to minimize stray magnetic field in the laboratory and to nearby vacuum pumps and other sensitive equipment.

System price includes:

  • 12T Actively-Shield Superconducting Magnet and Cryostat.
  • One Model LM-510 Liquid Helium / Liquid Nitrogen Level Monitor.
  • One Vacuum-Insulated LHe Transfer Tube with 2-Meter Flex Section.
  • On-Site Magnet Installation by Cryomagnetics’ Personnel. This includes all costs associated with Cryomagnetics personnel (labor, travel, lodging, etc.), but does not include the cost of liquid cryogens at the customer’s facility required for system initialization.
  • All necessary cables / hardware and a comprehensive spare parts kit.
  • Operating instruction and system maintenance manual.
  • Two year warranty beginning at final acceptance / installation at the customer’s site.

Yearly Maintenance Contract for Year’s 3-5

A Cryomagnetics’ technician will come to the customer’s site yearly starting in Year 3 to inspect the system.

This includes:

  • Inspection and verification all electronics provided by Cryomagnetics are within specification.
  • Vacuum integrity of the cryostat will be verified.
  • Magnetic field homogeneity will be verified.
  • Miscellaneous safety checks will be performed on the superconducting magnet system including inspection of vent seals, quench relief ports, etc.
  • Year 2 maintenance is included in the base system pricing.


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