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Superconducting Magnet Systems with VTI

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Pricing and Accessories

Traditional liquid cooled superconducting magnet systems with integrated variable temperature inserts are available in a wide variety of configurations.

LHe Superconducting Magnet Split Pair Optical VTI

10T Optical Split-Pair System with Side-Loading VTI

Solenoid Systems

The most popular (and cost efficient) systems will include a superconducting solenoid magnet, commonly with a 2 or 3 inch cold bore. This will allow a sample tube O.D. of 1.5 or 2.5 inches.

Available magnet fields are up to 20T.
A wide variety of bore sizes are available.
Homogeneity ranges from basic + 0.5% over a 10mm DSV to NMR Quality.

Split-Pair Systems

There are a wide variety of split pair configurations available for the researcher requiring perpendicular access to the magnetic field. The most popular configuration is with a conventional top-loading variable temperature insert.

For optical research applications, dewars with windows can be provided.

A unique, high field (10T) split-pair optical system is pictured at left. This system features a side-loading variable temperature insert. Cryomagnetics is ready to quote custom configurations to fit your research needs.

Multiple Axis Systems

Cryomagnetics has manufactured 2 and 3-Axis superconducting magnets dating back to 1996. These systems are very popular and we always have a number of multi-axis systems in manufacturing. Some of the many standard multi-axis products include:


High field superconducting magnet system with VTI
  • 9T/4T (9T Z-coil Solenoid, 4T X-coil Split Pair)
  • 9T/1T (9T Z-coil Solenoid, 1T X-coil Split Pair)
  • 1T/1T/1T (All 1T Split pairs – X,Y,Z)
  • 5T/1T/1T (5T Z-coil Solenoid, 1T X-coil Split pair, 1T Y-coil Split pair)
  • 9T/1T/1T (9T Z-coil Solenoid, 1T X-coil Split pair, 1T Y-coil Split pair)
  • Custom configurations are available.

Variable Temperature Insert

Typical working space diameter is 37mm (~1.46″) for a 52mm (~2.0″) cold bore superconducting magnet. Sample temperature range is from 1.4K to 325K. Wider ranges of temperature, or high power is available. A sample probe is provided with two 10-pin electrical connectors. Calibrated temperature sensors are installed on the vaporizer and sample mount.

Dewar Options

Several dewar configurations are available to meet your requirements. The most common are top-loading bucket dewars with belly sections. Bottom-loading bucket dewars are especially popular with larger superconducting magnet magnets, particularly high-field solenoids. Optical dewars (bottom-looker for solenoids, multiple options for split-pairs) are available.

Upgrade paths are available for He3 and dilution inserts. The superconducting magnet and support assembly can be designed with an upgrade path in mind.

Always designed with safety in mind, all integrated VTI systems are designed to ASME code and manufactured in Cryomagnetics’ facility under strict quality procedures.


Typical Variable Temperature Insert

Superconducting Magnet Multi Axis

9T/4T Superconducting Magnet ready to be installed in a dewar

Example 15T Superconducting Magnet System with VTI Quotation
Use this example to help define your specific needs…

GA080723A1.idw 15 Tesla Superconducting Magnet System for Variable Temperature Research

Superconducting Solenoid

Maximum Rated Central Magnetic Field: 15T @ 4.2K
Homogeneity: ± 0.1% over a 10 mm DSV
Clear bore diameter: 52 mm
Persistent switch installed.
Quench protection installed.

Low Loss Dewar

Bottom—loading, bucket style.
Aluminum / fiberglass construction.
Evacuation valve, safety positive pressure relief device.
Liquid nitrogen shielded.
Usable liquid helium volume of 80 liters (belly section, volume above the superconducting magnet).
Lifting lugs.
LHe fill/vent ports.
LN2 precool/removal tube.
Quench relief valve.
Redundant one PSI safety pressure relief valve.
B-100, 100 ampere Duty-cycle Optimized current leads.
Superconducting bus bars.
Magnet support provisions
Cover plate for center access port.
19-pin electrical feedthrough.
15 foot long instrumentation cable.
Dual (redundant) Superconducting liquid helium level sensors installed.
Removable liquid nitrogen level sensor installed.

Variable Temperature Insert

Sample space has a nominal 37 mm diameter working space.
Designed to fit 15T superconducting magnet quoted above.
Operating range from 1.4K to 325K.
NW40 sample vapor pumping port.
Copper baffles.
Hi-Power 50 watt heater installed on vaporizer.
Needle valve flow control.
Non magnetic stainless steel construction.
Sample positioner assembly with (2) two 10-pin electrical connectors and mates.
Calibrated (1.4K to 325K) Cernox CX-1030-CU-1.4L temperature sensor installed on sample mount.
Calfit (1.4K to 325K) Cernox CX-1030 temperature sensor installed on vaporizer/heat exchanger.

Cryocon Model 32B Temperature Controller

Allows monitoring of superconducting magnet temperature on one channel, while simultaneously controlling sample temperature on the other channel..
Two multipurpose input channels support Diode, Platinum RTD and most cryogenic NTC resistive temperature sensors.
Constant-Voltage, AC excitation of resistive sensors extends their useful temperature range and improves accuracy at higher temperatures.
Unique synchronous filter significantly improves control accuracy and stability with cryocooler systems.
Loop #1 Primary control loop: 50 Watt, 50Ω, three-range linear heater output.
Loop #2 Secondary control loop: 10 Watt, 50Ω, linear output.
Fail-safe cryostat over-temperature protection features protect user equipment from damage.
Extremely low noise design allows operation in the most demanding of cryogenic environments.
CalGen® feature allows the user to custom fit any Diode, Thermocouple or resistor sensor calibration curve.
Proven, tested autotuning optimized for cryogenic systems.
Flexible, easy to configure VFD display.
PC Windows® based Utility software provides a graphical control panel to simplify configuration, integration and testing.
Remote interfaces include RS-232 and IEEE-488.2 (GPIB).
NIST traceable calibration. European CE certified.

Model 4G-100 Integrated Superconducting Magnet Power System

The Model 4G-100 is a single output model with output current up to ± 100 amperes at 800 watts (± 10 volts up to 80 amperes, ± 8 volts at 100 amperes).

4-quadrant, true bipolar systems featuring smooth sweeps through zero.
Automatic quench detection and protection.
A full color, backlit TFT liquid crystal display clearly indicates output current, voltage, limit settings, and system status.
Current settability of 0.1 milliamps
Five (5) programmable sweep rate ranges.
Persistent switch heater power supply.
15 foot length output cables.
USB, IEEE-488.2, and Ethernet computer interfaces standard.
Safety interlocks for persistent switch enable/disable and changing of important magnet parameters and limits.
Visual confirmation of current present in leads will alert users to be mindful of safety when operating the power supply, even if line power is off.

Model LM-510 Liquid Cryogen Monitor

Set up as a 2-channel instrument to simultaneously monitor both liquid helium and liquid nitrogen levels.
240 x 400 TFT LCD display.
Simple, intuitive user interface.
Sample and hold operation. (1 minute to 99 hours settability)
Manual update or continuous operation.
Sensor de-ice cycle. (LHe only)
Sensor calibration via front panel menu.
Can drive sensors up to 200cm active.
High and low setpoint control output.
USB Interface.
IEEE-488 Interface.
Ethernet Interface.
LabVIEW® drivers available.
See photo and further description at www.cryomagnetics.com/products/model-lm-510-liquid-cryogen-monitor/


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