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Magnet Support Assemblies

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Superconducting Magnet Support Assembly

. The assemblies typically include thermal radiation baffles, helium vapor-cooled current leads with bus bars, helium fill and vent ports, a quench relief valve and a 19-pin electrical feedthrough. Access is provided through the center of the assembly for insertion of the user’s experimental apparatus.

Lambda plates are available to allow the user to operate the superconducting magnet below 4.2K. The lambda plate is capable of maintaining a magnet at 2.2K while maintaining atmospheric pressure in the dewar. Frequently one can even refill the dewar with 4.2K helium without disturbing the 2.2K magnet. A temperature sensor (typically ruthenium oxide) is installed on each unit to provide accurate monitoring of the magnet’s bath temperature.

Example Support Assembly Quotation
Use this example to help define your specific needs…

Support Assembly Drawing 2 - C52670A1 Model (1) Magnet Support Assembly/Dewar Top Plate

Copper thermal radiation baffles.
LHe fill/vent ports.
Lifting lugs.
LN2 precool/removal tube.
Quench relief valve.
Redundant one PSI safety pressure relief valve.
B-100, 100 ampere Duty-cycle Optimized current leads.
Superconducting magnet bus bars.
Magnet supports.
Sample access port, with o-ring groove, o-ring, and bolt circle.
Cover plate for sample access port.
Lambda point refrigerator, with ruthenium oxide temperature sensor installed to monitor 2.2K operation of magnet.
19-pin electrical feedthrough, 15 foot long instrumentation cable
Superconducting LHe level sensor installed.


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