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Liquid Helium Dewars

Pricing and Accessories

Standard liquid helium dewars used for magnet systems are sometimes called “bucket-style” because the superconducting magnet assembly is loaded in from the top. These open-neck dewars are generally used where the user only requires access to the cold bore of the superconducting magnet.

Cryomagnetics provides aluminum/fiberglass or stainless steel constructed dewars. Each construction style has its own advantages over the other depending on the end-user’s particular experimentation process.

Standard bucket dewars are also available in bottom-loading. Generally used with large superconducting magnets, bottom-loading dewars can offer better liquid helium usage. This construction method allows for a smaller neck diameter, thereby lowering heat load to the liquid helium bath.

Some of the many options include LN2 shielding, helium-vapor/superinsulated shielding, lambda breaks, belly sections, etc.

We will be glad to discuss your particular requirements and explain the tradeoffs between the construction method, type of shielding, options, overall performance, and cost.

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