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High Field Nb3Sn Solenoids

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Superconducting Magnet Nb3Sn High Field Solenoid

Offered here are superconducting magnets only. For complete systems, click on the “Systems” tab on top of this page for information on bucket dewar, room temperature bore, cryogen-free, and other systems.

As a major OEM Manufacturer, Cryomagnetics can offer superconducting magnets for integration into other manufacturer’s systems. As a benefit to individual researchers, they may wish to purchase a superconducting magnet only, and build (or purchase) the support components separately.

Cryomagnetics offers a full range of high field magnets for research in the range of 10 to 19 Tesla. These magnets all incorporate nested coils made of NbTi and Nb3Sn. A continuing research program into improving manufacturing techniques provides the most reliable high field magnet available. You can be assured the magnet will give years of trouble free service.

Persistent Mode Operation

All standard high field magnets come equipped with a persistent switch unless otherwise specified. Engineering advancements proprietary to Cryomagnetics allows stable persistent mode operation with low helium consumption. Current specifications offer persistent switches of up to 45 ohms normal resistance and 75 milliwatts power required to open the switch. Magnetic field stability is 50 parts per million per hour on most standard high field magnets. Higher field stability is available on some models. Persistent switch specifications vary by model of magnet, so please call for current specifications.


Cryomagnetics uses a proprietary method of quench protection that does not contribute to high liquid helium consumption during current sweeps. This circuitry is contained within the magnet itself and does not require connection to external passive devices such as resistors. The design of magnet construction allows stored energy to be safely dissipated in the coil itself. The internal protection clamps the voltage to a safe level for personnel and equipment. It is only necessary to make connections to the main current leads and persistent switch heater terminals. Connection to a Cryomagnetics’ Model 4G-series power supplies give additional protection in the unlikely event of an accidental quench — even if power is interrupted to the supply.

2.2K Operation

When supplied with a Cryomagnetics’ lambda point refrigerator, many standard high field magnets can safely be charged to higher magnetic fields. Lambda point operation significantly increases stress levels within the magnet. Careful attention must be given to this important aspect of operation during engineering and construction. Cryomagnetics’ continuing programs of improvement addresses these and other considerations to provide you with a magnet free of training.

Custom applications are quoted by request. Contact us with your specifications.

Typical High Field Solenoid

Standard High Field Solenoids

Model Field (4.2K) Bore Homogeneity* Current (4.2K Inductance
110-150-010 11T 1.50″ +/- 0.1% 84A 13H
110-200-010 11T 2.00″ +/- 0.1% 84A 19H
110-300-010 11T 3.00″ +/- 0.1% 81A 30H
120-150-010 12T 1.50″ +/- 0.1% 85A 16H
120-200-010 12T 2.00″ +/- 0.1% 84A 32H
120-300-010 12T 3.00″ +/- 0.1% 84A 48H
130-150-010 13T 1.50″ +/- 0.1% 84A 22H
130-200-010 13T 2.00″ +/- 0.1% 81A 33H
130-300-010 13T 3.00″ +/- 0.1% 81A 70H
140-150-010 14T 1.50″ +/- 0.1% 87A 45H
140-200-010 14T 2.00″ +/- 0.1% 108A 68H
140-300-010 14T 3.00″ +/- 0.1% 114A 100H
150-150-010 15T 1.50″ +/- 0.1% 87A 65H
150-200-010 15T 2.00″ +/- 0.1% 105A 77H
150-300-010 15T 3.00″ +/- 0.1% 110A 95H
160-200-010 16T 2.00″ +/- 0.1% 94A 106H
170-200-010 17T 2.00″ +/- 0.1% 120A 103H
180-200-010 18T 2.00″ +/- 0.1% 106A 267H
190-200-010 19T 2.00″ +/- 0.1% 130A 275H

* Homogeneity is measured over a 10mm diameter spherical volume (DSV).
Specifications Subject to Change.


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