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Magnetic Separation Systems

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Lhe Superconducting Magnet Horizontal Magnetic Separation

Cryomagnetics has been a pioneer in superconducting magnet systems for years – both in magnets for separation as well as research. Some examples include high field and active-shielded systems for physics and chemistry research, systems for semiconductor crystal growth (Silicon and other III-V compounds.), and gyrotron systems for fusion research.

Cryomagnetics’ facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is fully equipped to manufacture superconducting magnets, dewars, and related instrumentation. This capability is rare among superconducting magnet manufacturers. Cryomagnetics has found this capability to be the only way to maintain a high level of quality control while keeping production costs to a minimum.

Cryomagnetics has built many superconducting magnet systems used for magnetic separation. In fact, it is possible you are using a Cryomagnetics’ system without knowing it! Cryomagnetics built many superconducting magnet systems for leading magnetic separation companies under previous OEM agreements.

As a leader in high-field superconducting magnet technology, Cryomagnetics has the experience and capability to manufacture high field magnetic separation systems.

LHe Superconducting Magnet Vertical Magnetic SeparationTypical superconducting magnet–based laboratory systems of the past operate at 5 to 6 Tesla. Cryomagnetics’ 9 Tesla system is the premiere system for testing and analysis of today. Optimized designs combined with new technology allow higher fields and operation that is more efficient. Some applications utilize cryogen-free technology, which eliminates the need for liquid cryogens. These systems operate on standard 3-phase power drawing a small fraction of the current needed for resistive magnets.

Many systems can be made actively-shielded – systems that do not use iron to contain magnetic field. The superconducting magnet is constructed such that high fields are contained within the structure. These systems are more compact and weigh a fraction of the older technology systems.

Laboratory-Scale Systems

LHe Superconducting Magnet Vertical Magnetic Separation 9TSuperconducting magnets suitable for this application usually range in 5 – 9 Tesla average field intensities. Higher fields are possible.

To maximize the effective area of magnetic separation, central field homogeneity is typically +/- 10% over at least a 25cm length. The superconducting magnet is designed for a fast charge and discharge rate so time between back flushes is minimized.

Bore sizes typically are between 5cm and 12.5cm. Systems are designed and built such that if the matrix is removed from the magnetic field while the superconducting magnet is energized, the system will be able to withstand the forces generated by the moving matrix without quenching.

It is common to have a maintenance free refrigerator system installed on the cryostat to maintain low liquid helium consumption and to minimize cryogen refill procedures. Using a closed-cycle refrigerator configuration eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen and thereby significantly reduces the maintenance requirements of the cryostat. Cryostats with this type configuration usually have a liquid helium hold time of at least 90 days while in static mode. The system pictured is a 9T system with this configuration.

Systems are available that do not require liquid cryogens at all. The superconducting magnet is cooled by an efficient cryocooler. Both air-cooled and water-cooled compressors are available. Please contact the factory for information on systems not listed.

Standard Systems Liquid Nitrogen Free Systems Cryogen Free Systems
5 – 15 Tesla magnetic fields. 5 – 15 Tesla magnetic fields. 5 – 9 Tesla magnetic fields.
Ruggedized, low-loss dewar. Ruggedized, low-loss dewar. Ruggedized dewar.
7.8cm diameter vertical room temperature bore. 7.8cm diameter vertical room temperature bore. 7.8cm diameter vertical room temperature bore.
< 5kW power consumption. < 7kW power consumption. < 10kW power consumption.
90 days minimum liquid helium hold time while system is in static mode. 90 days minimum liquid helium hold time while system is in static mode. No liquid cryogens required.
14 days minimum liquid nitrogen hold time. Liquid nitrogen replaced by an efficient cryocooler. Air-cooled compressor. Water-cooled also available.
Power requirement is 1-phase, 230Vac. Power requirement is 1-phase, 230Vac. Power requirement is 3-phase, 230Vac.


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