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Nuclear Demagnetization Magnets

Pricing and Accessories

Superconducting Magnet Nuclear DemagnetizationNuclear Demagnetization Systems are used to cool samples to ultra-low temperatures (below 4mK).

Cryomagnetics’ Nuclear Demagnetization Magnets incorporate a main high field coil with series wound cancellation coils. Cancellation coils are employed to minimize heating effects from magnetic flux on low temperature inserts.  The location and strength of the cancellation coils are unique to each configuration and are specified by the customer. These magnets are also commonly used with dilution refrigerators (< 10mK).

Cryomagnetics has manufactured NbTi Nuclear Demagnetization Magnets up to 9T (4.2K), 11T (2.2K). Nb3Sn based versions delivered include up to 17T (4.2K), 19T (2.2K).

Pictured at left is a 14T/15T (4.2K/2.2K) high field magnet with compensation coils. Click on the “Specifications” tab above for details on this superconducting magnet.

Superconducting Magnet High Field Compensation CoilsAt right is a 13T/14T (4.2K/2.2K) high field magnet with compensation coils.

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Example High Field Superconducting Magnet with Compensation Coils
Use this example to help define your specific needs…

demag Superconducting Magnet, Model 140/150-200-010D

Solenoid configuration.
14 Tesla central field (4.2K).
15 Tesla central field (2.2K).
± 0.1% central field homogeneity over a 10 mm DSV.
Compensation region of + 40 gauss from 26 cm to 36 cm on-axis measured from high field magnetic center.

2.00 inches clear bore.
Persistent mode switch installed.
Fully protected against damage due to quench.


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