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Standard Split Pair Magnets

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Superconducting Magnet Split Pair

Offered here are superconducting magnets only. For complete systems, click on the “Systems” tab on top of this page for information on bucket dewar, room temperature bore, cryogen-free, and other systems.

As a major OEM Manufacturer, Cryomagnetics can offer superconducting magnets for integration into other manufacturer’s systems. As a benefit to individual researchers, they may wish to purchase a superconducting magnet only, and build (or purchase) the support components separately.

For researchers who require access to the high field region of the magnet through a radial port (for optical or other applications), we offer a line of standard and high field split pair magnets. These magnets provide both axial and transverse field access

Like their standard solenoid counterparts, standard split coils are made using multi-filamentary NbTi superconducting wire impregnated with epoxy. Due to the fact the peak fields in the superconducting windings are higher in split pairs than in solenoids, maximum fields are limited to 8T.

High field split pair superconducting magnets will also have Nb3Sn windings. These windings are vacuum impregnated with epoxy to insure magnet stability without unintentional quenches. High field designs include superconducting magnets up to 11T at 4.2K.

Cryogen-Free split pairs for OEM Integration are also available.

Custom applications are quoted by request. Contact us with your specifications.

Typical Split-Pair Magnet

Standard Split-Pair Magnets

Model Field (4.2K) Split Access Homogeneity* Current 4.2K) Inductance
S30-500-010 3T 5.00″ + 0.1% 90A 12H
S40-400-010 4T 4.00″ + 0.1% 84A 18H
S50-050-050 5T 0.50″ + 0.5% 80A 1H
S50-100-050 5T 1.00″ + 0.5% 68A 3H
S60-150-050 6T 1.50″ + 0.5% 86A 4H
S60-150-010 6T 1.50″ + 0.1% 83A 8H
S60-200-050 6T 2.00″ + 0.5% 86A 11H
S60-200-010 6T 2.00″ + 0.1% 80A 22H
S70-200-001 7T 2.00″ + 0.01% 52A 52H
S70-250-050 7T 2.50″ + 0.5% 78A 35H
S70-250-010 7T 2.50″ + 0.1% 85A 42H
S80-200-010 8T 2.00″ + 0.1% 84A 51H
S80-250-010 8T 2.50″ + 0.1% 82A 60H
S80-300-010 8T 3.00″ + 0.1% 82A 100H
S100-200-010 10T 2.00″ + 0.1% 110A 60H
S110-200-010 11T 2.00″ + 0.1% 120A 90H

* Homogeneity is measured over a 10mm diameter spherical volume (DSV).
Specifications Subject to Change.


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