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9 Tesla C-Mag Magnet System with Helium-3 Insert

C-Mag Vari-9, 9 Tesla Cryogen-FREE superconducting magnet system with Helium-3 insert. A single pulse tube cryocooler is used to conductively cool the magnet and cryostat as well as cooling a secondary closed loop helium circuit used for controlling the temperature at the insert.

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9 Tesla Superconducting Magnet System

9 Tesla magnet system with custom high volume, low loss vapor shielded dewar. Microscopy methods typically require very low vibration (low nucleate boiling) and long hold times. The referenced system was designed with a large 150L, low boiloff vapor shielded dewar. The support assembly was designed to accommodate the customers existing sample insert and to be mounted from the top plate to anti-vibration gantry.

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