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KATRIN: Ghost Particle Research

Neutrino-mass measurement research at KATRIN reaches new levels of sensitivity in a quest to understand the "Ghost Particle". Cryomagnetics is proud to have built the six 5 Tesla recondensing magnets comprising the Differential Pumping Section (DPS) as well as "Pinch" and "Detector" magnets for this ground breaking experiment.

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Proton Therapy: ProNova Newspaper Acknowledgement

Knoxville New Sentinel Article:"ProNova's Global Expansion Starts Here" Published, May 31, 2015 Walking onto a catwalk overlooking the expansive manufacturing floor at ProNova Solutions' new Research and commercialization facility in Blount County, Joe Matteo smiles, declaring they were going to place a "wow" sticker on the railing. Cryomagnetics' is acknowledged for it's role in the co-development of the superconducting magnets used in the latest generation of cancer treatment equipment.

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