Navigate to the following YouTube link for a video overview demonstrating the ease of configuration and operation of the Model 4G Four Quadrant Superconducting Power Supply.

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The Model 4G represents our “4th Generation” of power supplies optimized for the high inductive loads associated with superconducting magnet operation. Over the years, Cryomagnetics has refined power supply designs to be used with a wide variety of superconducting magnets. This experience has made our Model 4G the most advanced superconducting magnet power supply available today.

The 4G is designed from the start as a superconducting magnet supply so it does not fall short like many others which are modified traditional PS designs. Ramping is PID controlled and ripple and noise is state as Effective Resolution (rms) rather than Noise Free resolution (mv p-p) as it is a truer, real world measure rather than artifact subtraction used by most other supplies on the market. Compared to other supplies on the market the performance and ease of use of the 4G is unmatched. The supply is a true 4-Quadrant supply and easily sweeps through zero for positive to negative operation. Once the ramp rates are set up (5 rates possible) sweeping is a one key process.