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9-2-2 Tesla C-Mag 3-Axis Superconducting Magnet System with He3

C-Mag 9/2/2 Tesla 3-Axis Cryogen-FREE superconducting magnet system cooled by a single 1.5W Pulse Tube cryocooler to conductively cool the magnet  and cryostat as well as cooling a secondary closed loop helium circuit used for controlling the sample temperature. System features include a Helium-3 refrigerator mounted on a pneumatically isolated low vibration platform, inclinometer, automated (mass-flow) needle valve.

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7 Tesla Optical C-Mag Superconducting Magnet System with Diamond Windows

C-Mag Vari-7S-Optical, 7 Tesla Split Pair Optical Cryogen-FREE superconducting magnet system with diamond windows. X/Y and Z optical access.

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Cryogen-FREE Optical Cryostat with Sapphire Windows

Cryogen-FREE optical cryostat compatible with 5T Split Pair superconducting magnet system.  Custom variable temperature cryostat designed to allow for beamline research at temperatures ranging from 1.8K to 750K with minimal attenuation of neutrons.

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