Superconducting Gyrotron Magnet

Cryomagnetics is the world-leading manufacturer of superconducting magnet systems used with gyrotron tubes.         

Customer Location: Germany

140GHz and 175GHz  Magnet Systems:

  • Superconducting Coils
  • Main: A set of three (3) series-connected coils that produce the specified field shape.
  • Supplementary coil: A coil that produces higher cavity field regions, up to 7.1 T, in conjunction with the main coil set.
  • Gun: Used to trim the field at the cathode position.
  • 9.06 inch 230mm Vertical Room Temperature Bore.
  • Single, Sumitomo 1.5W Gifford McMahon Cryocooler.

Delivered: April, 2022

Other Recent Gyrotron Projects

NOTE: All designs are bespoke and require careful collaboration with gyrotron tube manufacturer.