9-2-2 C-Mag 3 Axis Vector Magnet System

C-Mag 9/2/2 Tesla 3-Axis Cryogen-FREE superconducting magnet system cooled by a single 1.5W Pulse Tube cryocooler to conductively cool the magnet and cryostat as well as cooling a secondary closed loop helium circuit used for controlling the sample temperature. System features include a Helium-3 refrigerator mounted on a pneumatically isolated low vibration platform, inclinometer, automated (mass-flow) needle valve. Up to 9 Tesla possible in the Z-Axis or 2 Tesla spherical vector rotation. For an ultimate low vibration sample environment the standard sample rod or He3 Refrigerator is mounted on a pneumatically isolated platform, with fine tuning of stage through adjustable mounting plate.

Customer Location: China

  • 9/2/2 Tesla 3-Axis Magnet with 2 Tesla Spherical Vector Rotation.
  • 61mm Sample Space.
  • Automated needle valve.
  • Custom Newport pneumatic vibration isolation with inclinometer and allowance for X/Y/Z tuning.
  • Single Sumitomo 1.5W, Remote Mount Pulse Tube Cryocooler.

Delivered: July, 2020