Fully Installed

Pictured beside the 9.4T System are:

Dr. Robert Hettich (Research Scientist at ORNL)

Dr. Richard Hunter (IonSpec Corporation)

Mr. Michael Coffey (Cryomagnetics, Inc.)

Cryomagnetics has successfully installed a large bore, 9.4T, actively-shielded superconducting magnet system for Ion Cyclotron Resonance (ICR) research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This system is used in conjunction with mass spectrometry equipment manufactured by the IonSpec Corporation.

As a world leading manufacturer of superconducting magnet systems for ICR, Cryomagnetics once again sets a new standard. Other advancements by Cryomagnetics include:

  • Cold-shippable superconducting magnet systems. Set up time in the customer’s lab is measured in hours instead of days for 4.7T and 7.0T systems. The 9.4T system was set up in only three days!
  • Actively-shielded superconducting magnet systems. Cryomagnetics’ systems can be placed in laboratories that could not handle the size and weight of older design, passively-shielded systems. The Cryomagnetics’ 9.4T, actively-shielded superconducting magnet system for ICR research weighs approximately 3,300 pounds. A passively-shielded equivalent can weigh over 25 tons!
  • Cryomagnetics’ 9.4T active-shielded system’s 10-gauss line is approximately 1-meter from magnetic field center in all directions.

Cryomagnetics has other development projects underway to improve superconducting magnet systems for ICR. These programs will make possible higher resolution data and simplified magnet operation. Please visit our website often for updates.

Pictures of the installation:

Unloading the system at ORNL's dock

Unloading the system at ORNL’s dock

9.4T System

9.4T System (at left) and the 7.0T System it is replacing. Note the small size of both systems.

These instruments can fit easily in most laboratories. Both systems are actively-shielded with 5.0″ bore diameter.

The existing IonSpec equipment was modified for the higher field intensity of the 9.4T system.

Energized and aligned.

Energized and aligned. Final adjustments are being made – almost ready to take data

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