Two recent examples of how Cryomagnetics’ turn-key superconducting magnet systems can aid researchers in making important discoveries can be found in issues of Scientific American.

In the April, 1998 issue, an article featuring Dr. Greg Tarle’ and Dr. Simon P. Swordy’s research on Cosmic Antimatter was written. Dr. Tarle’ is a professor of Physics at the University of Michigan. Dr. Swordy is a professor at the University of Chicago.

A high flying balloon carries an electronics package containing a Cryomagnetics’ superconducting magnet into the upper atmosphere. Positrons are identified using the superconducting magnet with an array of detectors.

The system has made two successful flights and more are planned for the future. Cryomagnetics congratulates Drs. Tarle’ and Swordy on their success and wish them continued success in the future.

The May 1998 issue includes an article concerning the successful research of Dr. Carl Zimm. Dr. Zimm is the senior scientist at Astronautics Corporation of America.

Dr. Zimm’s research concerns the development of a highly efficient magnetic refrigeration system using a Cryomagnetics’ superconducting magnet. His novel approaches will open the door to new refrigeration systems that may be in the kitchens of the future.

Congratulations Dr. Zimm on your success and recognition. Cryomagnetics wishes you continued success in your research.