C-Mag Vari-711, 3-Axis 7/1/1 Tesla Cryogen-FREE superconducting magnet system with 1 Tesla spherical vector rotation. Designed to be mounted beneath a commercial optical table. Supple edge welded bellows assembly decouple cryostat from experimental mount to mitigate vibration. The magnet and cryostat are cooled via a single remotely mounted cryocooler while a secondary closed loop helium circuit is utilized for maintaining the bore temperature. System vibration is further reduced through the bedding of compressor and vacuum lines. Remotely controlled needle valve assembly provided due to the restricted access caused by the optical table.

NOTE: Images include temporary support for top flange which is to be removed upon installation.

Customer Location: Germany

  • 7/1/1 Tesla 3-Axis Magnet with 1 Tesla spherical vector rotation.
  • 50mm ID, <1.8K-300K Sample space.
  • Edge welded bellows assembly to decouple sample rod from cryostat.
  • Sample rod interface for mounting to customer supplied optical table.
  • Single, Cryomech Pulse Tube Cryocooler, Remotely Mounted.
  • Motorized needle valve
  • Low-Vibration configuration, including sand trap for compressor and vacuum lines.

Delivered: October, 2017