911 Tesla 3-Axis Magnet System with Custom VTI for Scanning Probe Microscopy

9/1/1 Tesla 3-Axis magnet system with 1T spherical vector rotation.  Large 4.5 inch bore to accept custom Variable Temperature Insert (VTI). The VTI is provisioned with 24 each twisted OFHC copper and Phosphor Bronze wires.  In addition, 3 bulkhead ports fitted with 4 SMA headers each (12 total) 7-39.8db/ft copper and 5-3.96db/stainless steel coaxial cables, and single fiber optic port. Large sample chamber enclosure for customer supplied Sample Probe Microscope. Sample chamber operation in high vacuum with access gained through de-mountable tail section with knife edge Kapton seal.

Customer Location: Massachusetts, USA

  • 9/1/1 Tesla 3-Axis Magnet with 1 Tesla spherical vector rotation
  • Custom VTI with 4.5 inch High Vacuum demountable tail.
  • User wiring:
  • 48 Twisted pair (OFHC copper and Phosphor Bronze)
  • 12 Coaxial feeds
  • Fiber Optic Feed

Delivered: August, 2017