Cryogenic Safety

There are many safety issues related to operating superconducting magnets and cryogenic systems. Knowing how to be safe when dealing with potentially dangerous voltages, extremely cold temperatures and very high magnetic fields are important points to consider. From basic laboratory design to system setup and operation there are many factors which need to be considered to avoid injury to personnel or damage to systems or equipment.  Novice users are strongly recommended to take a course, or at the very least receive training from experienced personnel prior to operating superconducting magnet systems.

Superconducting magnets generate strong magnetic fields. These fields can present a danger to people with pacemakers, magnetic implants, neurostimulators, etc. Reference the system operation manual and the listed link for further information.

Ambient air and water vapor freeze at higher temperatures than helium.  Special care must be employed for safe operation of cryogenic vessels. .  Reference the listed link for tips for proper operation.

Due to the extremely low temperature of Liquid Helium, special care is needed to avoid damaging the transfer line while maintaining cryogen levels.  Reference the listed link for tips for proper operation.